A virtual journey in The Oat’s County

Over three days, we will take a virtual journey across 10 villages from Haferland zone. In the span of these three days (July 31- august 2) we will accompany you across 10 villages from Haferland zone: Archita, Roades, Saschiz, Homorod, Rupea, Crit, Mesendorf, Cloasterf, Bunesti si Viscri, where we will meet dearest friends – craftsmen, traditional artists, people who praise not only the local community but the entire country, with their constant attempt to support and promote Transylvanian Saxons culture and tradition. Along these three days, we will offer you enough motivation to fall in love with the county or to discover it, so in the end, you will promise yourselves that you will arrive safely in The Oat’s Country to spend authentic holidays, full of old days flavour.
Follow us online and you will be delighted with classical music concerts, book launches, videos about these dreamy places, testimonies of some great people for whom Haferland Week has a special significance.

 This year we are together on www.haferland.rohttps://www.facebook.com/haferlandhttps://www.instagram.com/saptamana_haferland/, but in 2021 we will meet in joy at The Oat’s County