Previous Editions

The 2013 Edition

The villages which participated in the event have been Criț, Viscri, Meșendorf, Roadeș, Rupea and Bunești. The event took place under the high patronage of Mrs.  Dr. h. c. Susanne Kastner, Member in the German Parliament, President of the German-Romanian Parliamentary Group, President of the Rumänien Soforthilfe e.V.

This year’s edition celebrated the inauguration of the Baroque Organ Aceasta of the Crit fortified church, originally built by Johann Thois in 1813 and fully restaurated during 2012-2013. Over 1000 people attended the event.

The 2014 Edition

Crit hosted the official opening of Casa Kraus, the former parish house which has been subject to a through reconstruction project following the original plans, using construction methods and materials which are specific to the area.

The events which took place within the walls of the fortified church have accounted for more than 1000 participants. The program included Saxon music played by the Țara Bîrsei brass band, traditional dance recitals by various ethnic groups, air balloon experiences, traditional food, as well as a specific  Saxon ball with the popular band Amazonas Express and a surprise performance by  Peter Maffay for the first time on stage in Romania.

The 2015 Edition

The 3rd edition of the Haferland week, accounted for over 1500 participants  and was held under the Patronage of Mr. Hartmut Koschyk, Member in the Bundestag, the delegate of the German Federal Government for Immigration and National Minorities. The program included organ concerts in the fortified churches, brass band performances, cycling tours, Oktoberfest style parties, music and dance recitals, contests and open door events, cooking and craft workshops.  The traditional Saxon ball with live German music has been the main feature of the evening on the 8th of August in Crit.

The 2016 Edition

Over 4000 tourists, as well as Saxons who returned to their homeland, took part in the biggest cultural event, the Haferland week, between the 10th to the 15th of August, event which had as main objective the promotion of the Saxon area located in Transylvania. The Haferland week has attracted participants of all ages, due to the wide range of activities organised in 8 villages: Fișer, Rupea, Saschiz, Viscri, Roadeș, Criț, Cloașterf and Meșendorf.  As a result, the number of participants almost doubled, compared to the event held last year. The participants were attracted by the open door events, such as concerts and craft workshops for children, as well as the cultural activities, such as concerts in the fortified churches or the Traditional Saxon Ball held in the Crit village. In addition, the day of the Crit village has been the highlight of the event, over 1500 tourists and high officials enjoying the planned activities.


The 2017 Edition

Over 5000 Tourists came to the Haferland Week between August 9th and 14th and participated in activities taking place in Criț, Viscri, Roadeș, Meșendorf, Saschiz, Rupea, Cloașterf, Homorod, Bunești and Archita. This year`s edition focused on the Transylvanian-Saxon culinary art and the visitors could taste the delicious traditional dishes. They could also enjoy concerts in the fortified churches, theatre shows, movies in the open air, tradional art and dances and a Transylvanian Saxon dance night.

The 2018 Edition

Over 6000 tourists came to the sixth edition of the Haferland Week, between August 2nd – August 6ᵗʱ and have participated in activities taking place in the Archita, Roadeş, Saschiz, Homorod, Rupea, Criț, Meșendorf, Cloașterf, Bunești and Viscri villages. This year`s edition aimed to provide a very attractive insight into local craftsmanship.

The visitors have enjoyed 5 days of activities, including local craftsmanship workshops, a classical music concert by the violonist Alexandru Tomescu in the fortified church of Criț, as well as a Jazz concert and the well known Transylvanian Saxon ball.

The 2019 Edition

The seventh edition of the Haferland Week took place between July 25th and July 29th in the villages Archita, Viscri, Rupea, Homorod, Saschiz, Criț, Bunești, Roadeș, Meșendorf and Cloașterf. Tourists experienced a dozen actvities, including the painting of the HAFERLAND letters, seen as a symbolic act through which the participants became part of the saxon community.

The most popular activities were visits to the traditional saxon houses from the villages, brunches, pottery workshops and painting demonstrations, exhibitions, concerts in the Fortified Churches, the Transylvanian Saxon Ball and film screenings.