The Region

The name of the Saxon region in Transylvania—“Oat Country” or Haferland—took hold as a result of the locals mainly growing oats due to the region’s harsher climate.

Over the years, the Saxon villages have acquired a special charm, and the rural landscape evokes memories of ancient times. Thus, when you visit Archita, Viscri, Homorod, Saschiz, Rupea, Criț, Bunești, Roadeș, Meșendorf and Cloașterf, you feel transported back to the time of neighborhood communities. Here you will find sturdy houses that resemble miniature fortresses, with rooms that are austere, but where solid wood furniture, hand-painted with traditional motifs and bright colors, takes center stage.

Your trip to the Saxon country must include the famous fortified churches, where you can have a moment of quiet contemplation or enjoy organ concerts.