The Region

Due to the rough climate in the Transylvanian area located between Rupea and Sigishoara, the people used to mainly harvest oat. Therefore this region was referred to as „Haferland“, which is the German name for the „Oat Country“.

Over the years, these Transylvanian villages have gained a wonderful and unique charm, which still reminds us of the good old times.

If you travel to Crit, Viscri, Mesendorf, Cloasterf, Roades, Saschiz or Fiser, they will take you back to the times when the Transylvanian Saxon „neighbourhoods“ still existed.

You will find solid houses resembling  little fortresses with lightly furnished rooms and wooden furniture tastefully ornated with colourful traditional patterns. On your journey through the Transylvanian region you will also find the old fortified churches which entice you with meaningful organ recitals.